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How can we help your loved one?

Dementia in all its forms (and there are over 60 varieties) is devastating to both the person and their family and friends. While some progressions are swift, some are extremely slow but progress they will.

What is important to both the person who has dementia and the family is that they are able to stay active and connect with the world around them for as long as possible. This is where we come in.

12” Quilts


Quilts for Sale – 12"

These quilts are the perfect size for a caregiver to carry around in their purse or pocket when taking Dad to the Doctors or visiting family and friends.

16” Quilts


Quilts for Sale – 16"

These quilts are great for the lap. There is enough fabric to get in a good hand stroke and the longer motion is more soothing for most people.

Wraps and Other products


Quilts for Sale – Wraps and other products

There are 4 differently textured fabrics on the front and have flannel on the back to reduce sliding. They are used like a shawl but still allows the wearer to access all of the fabrics.

About us

My family has been involved with Alzheimer’s and Dementia for years. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and lived her last years in a Nursing Home in central NY. Since there is a genetic component I’m sure you can understand that my mother and I have been concerned ever since.

Treatment and care of this population has changed a lot in recent decades. Lately there has been a large push to give the patients the highest quality of life possible instead of simply “warehousing” them. One way they are doing this is by making sure to engage the resident in as many ways as possible into the real world. This is done by using sensory products and activities to stimulate thought and interaction with others.